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Experienced nonprofit executive and corporate finance consultant


Pop Social Enterprise is a nimble capacity-building consultancy that collaborates closely with nonprofits and corporate partners, employing an innovative and cooperative strategic methodology.


Our specialization lies in cause marketing and fundraising, harnessing data-driven insights to craft compelling messaging across various channels, including fundraising campaigns, grant proposals, impact reports, newsletters, videos, websites, and social media. Our aim is to champion missions, enhance funding streams, and heighten program awareness.

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What Clients and Colleagues Have to Say...

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"Working with Pat has given us the courage and confidence to grow our nonprofit and think bigger. As a small grassroots organization, we have spent years focusing on our offerings and curriculum, but struggled to increase our capacity to meet the needs of our clients. With Pat's gentle guidance and expert knowledge we've been inspired to think of new ways to continue working towards our mission of empowering survivors of trauma. We are extremely grateful for her support and care, and are looking forward to continuing to grow and learn from her."

T. Gupta, Executive Director

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