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By Pat Craddick

This month we spotlight a corporate client, Spandex House, Inc.  One of the largest spandex suppliers in the world, Spandex House is “making a difference” in communities by helping nonprofits achieve their missions. With a philanthropic focus, the company has generously sponsored and fund-raised for our nonprofit clients.

To celebrate their 30-Year Anniversary on October 23, 2021, Spandex House is offering huge discounts from their Halloween-themed fabrics, to their seasonal selections. 

Starting October 6th through October 16th using Promo Code TRICK30, Spandex House will donate 1% of its sales to, a nonprofit charity that donates free Halloween costumes to children in need. And, as part of the donation, a number of Halloween costumes are earmarked for low-income girls at

Get an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at this season's must-haves for Halloween costumes and shop their Halloween-themed fabrics to bring your costumes to life! 


Shop Spandex House and... Go Make a Difference!

Give these children the gift of hope of fulfilling their dreams with a small donation.

Your donation will help provide a child with a free Halloween costume.

Your donation will help pay for dance lessons for girls in need.

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