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Dear Friends,

Bringing nonprofits and for-profits together to make a positive difference in communities is a pleasure beyond measure and it’s an amazing feeling to reflect on the incredible impact we’ve seen as a result of this collaborative work. It’s an honor to be part of such transformative missions as we work to create a better world.                     

We pride ourselves on giving exposure and bringing awareness to nonprofits that are doing exceptional work in the community.


Operating as a hybrid (for-profit and non-profit) model, POP Social Enterprise has helped many nonprofits over the years.  Our work continues in the years ahead to help nonprofits build operating capacity through strategic fundraising, cause marketing/communication, and program development/engagement to effectively deliver and grow their programs and operating capacity.

May the future bring many more opportunities to continue serving and making a difference in our marginalized communities.

With much gratitude,

Pat Craddick

Founder / Nonprofit Consultant 


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