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16 Awards (2006 – 2017) for Nonprofit Workforce and Educational Programs, Community Building, and Nonprofit Leadership.​  Good Neighbor Award - Community  Westy Award - Community  Proclamation Awards – Local, State, Federal  Citation Awards – Local and State  Certificate of Merit – Local

16 Awards (2006 – 2017) for Nonprofit Workforce and Educational Programs, Community Building, and Nonprofit Leadership.

  • Good Neighbor Award - Community

  • Westy Award - Community

  • Proclamation Awards – Local, State, Federal

  • Citation Awards – Local and State

  • Certificate of Merit – Local



"Working with Pat has given us the courage and confidence to grow our nonprofit and think bigger. As a small grassroots organization, we have spent years focusing on our offerings and curriculum, but struggled to increase our capacity to meet the needs of our clients. With Pat's gentle guidance and expert knowledge we've been inspired to think of new ways to continue working towards our mission of empowering survivors of trauma. We are extremely grateful for her support and care, and are looking forward to continuing to grow and learn from her."

T. Gupta, Executive Director


"Pat is a great person with a great vision to support communities. Pat is very compassionate to others and works to bring out your best!!! I had the pleasure of working with her through her company and it was a wonderful experience where she was very encouraging and supportive!!!"

G. Black, President

Gwen Black Art / Walking in the Spirit Production

"I met Pat Craddick when I volunteered to serve on the Board of Directors of ParentJobNet, Inc., an economic empowerment nonprofit in Manhattan which she founded and has led for years. I am immeasurably impressed by Pat. She is a dynamic, personable and determined leader who has great intelligence, compassion and drive. She [was] Board Chair at ParentJob Net, Inc., and I have been very honored to serve on this board as the organization [transitioned] from a volunteer based entity to a professionally staffed nonprofit. Pat has personally recruited excellent teachers and nonprofit professionals to help parents of public school children upgrade their careers and their lives. She has personally supervised the fundraising, budgeting and administrative aspects of this growing nonprofit with grace and focus. In the midst of this challenging job she also completed at the top of her class at New York University a Master’s Degree in Philanthropy. Pat is a visionary with whom I am so pleased to work. I recommend her as a skilled nonprofit executive."

 K. Peck, J.D.

"Creative, inspired and tireless, Pat Craddick transformed a good idea into the reality of a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization nearly single-handedly. She uses her outstanding inter-personal and networking skills to counter the harsh realities of dwindling funding sources with productive partnerships and services in-kind to accomplish her goals of providing training programs to parents of school-aged children. It was a privilege to have worked with Pat Craddick and her dedicated team." 

R. Giller, NYCDS

"Patricia is a visionary, a dedicated leader, and an amazing networker. She founded the ParentJobNet Inc and has lead its growth and diversification. She works hard to find supporters as well as other organizations to work with synergistically. Patricia has tireless energy and capitalizes on her extensive network in the corporate world as well as in government to make things happen. She is a team player and would be fantastic addition to any organization."

 R. Stern, Principal at ASLK





"Pat is to be congratulated for having had the vision to see the important role that employment and financial success plays in building a stable home to support school-age children in their studies and their lives, and the determination and leadership to carry that vision to fruition. At a time when governmental agencies and other service organizations scramble to seek ways to support families in a drastic economic downturn that continues to leave many working families behind, ParentJobNet is already delivering on Pat's vision by connecting New York City public school parents with literacy and other essential job-readiness skills, and with employment referral services. Pat and ParentJobNet are making a tangible difference in the lives of parents and students. They command our respect and deserve broad support."

 M. Diller, Attorney and Community Leader

"Patricia has evolved ParentJobNet from a nascent organization into a proactive neighborhood instrument for economic and employment empowerment. It is rare to see such drive, determination and aplomb in the grassroot efforts of the non-profit world. I applaud Patricia and will continue to support ParentJobNet as a funder and capacity builder."

 R. Medlock, Sr. Advisor – Policy & Strategy


"Pat is a focused, disciplined manager who gets things done. Her vision is "spot-on" and insightful. She is a pleasure to work with and is doing exceptionally valuable things for the community. Highly recommended."

M. Gould, NYU Professor


"Patricia is a great organizer and dedicated to her work, to help people advance. She is a pleasant and outgoing person to work with."

C. Bergner, Business Consultant


"I met Pat several years ago when she was starting ParentJobNet and was very impressed.  She has a wonderful vision and handle on how to make it happen. Has done wonders and I hope she can take this concept nationwide!  Congratulations Pat!"

N. Ploeger, Former President

Manhattan Chamber of Commerce


"Patricia is the wonderful and caring Executive Director and Founder of ParentJobNet. She works tirelessly to improve the lives of low to moderate income school parents."

J. Kuritsky, Actor, Producer, Designer

"Pat is a dedicated leader with a relevant and important mission. She is a hard worker who pays attention to detail. Pat is a visionary who believes that by helping parents of public school students improve their lives through education, training and job opportunities, their children will benefit."

M. Burger, LMSW

"Pat is an enthusiastic and lively leader. She is committed to enriching the lives of those seeking new employment options. She has been able to create connections all through the Upper West Side community."

C. Gemson, Adjunct Lecturer

LaGuardia Community College

Patricia is a very nice, hard work, dedicated professional organizer. She has shown leadership skills yet very passionate and full of love. She has arranged numerous workshops and classes to help people in need of finding jobs, changing jobs. She is tireless and goal oriented. I recommend her to any position she applies. She is a great person.

S. Chen, Business Consultant


"I highly recommend Pat for her attention to detail and her concern for the community and especially for the way she runs Parent Job Net; she is a real professional."

T. Beaty, Creative Services Designer

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