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Pop Social Enterprise LLC represents a pioneering hybrid model that seamlessly merges the for-profit and non-profit sectors as a dynamic social enterprise with a unique mission. We exist to generate revenue from business activities while actively supporting nonprofit organizations in realizing their missions. Through our comprehensive suite of outsourced capacity building services, we empower nonprofits to fortify their operational foundations, thus allowing them to prioritize program delivery and gradually expand their impact.


Our Mission: "Impact Investing for Social Good"

Our core mission revolves around addressing a critical need within the nonprofit sector: securing unrestricted general operating funding, often referred to as "overhead," to sustain day-to-day operations for mission-driven organizations. We endeavor to establish collaborative partnerships with for-profit companies, foundations, and government entities to facilitate nonprofits in addressing their capacity building requirements and enhancing their general operational capabilities to deliver exceptional programs and services.


Our Approach:

We meticulously select a limited number of projects, focusing on those with a high potential for successful outcomes. Our approach is highly adaptable, tailoring project plans to meet each nonprofit's immediate capacity building needs, all within their budget constraints.


Our Consulting Services Include:

  • Newsletters, Cause Marketing, Storytelling, Moviemaking and Social Media

  • Strategic Fund Development (including grant writing, RFPs, grant management, and reporting)

  • Program Development and Impact Measurement

  • Program and Organization Logic Models

  • Succession Planning and Organization Restructuring

  • Board Preparation, Reporting Documents, and Board/Committee Development

  • Bylaws Amendment

  • PowerPoint Presentations

  • Website Updates

  • Management and Governance

  • 990 Preparation and Reporting

  • Program and Administrative Support


The Significance of General Operating Capacity Building:

We firmly believe that investing in the general operating capacity of nonprofits is an essential step towards enhancing their effectiveness and ensuring their long-term sustainability. Capacity building initiatives, such as formulating fundraising and communication strategies, optimizing staff recruitment processes, facilitating thoughtful leadership succession, implementing effective governance practices, upgrading technological infrastructure, and refining outcome measurement approaches, collectively bolster a nonprofit's ability to fulfill its mission effectively. Successful general operating capacity building strengthens a nonprofit's capacity to fulfill its mission over time, amplifying its potential to make a meaningful impact on lives and communities.


Explore our Consulting Services page to learn more about how Pop Social Enterprise LLC can support your organization's growth and success.

Our Social Enterprise Model: Impact Investing for Social Good



  • A for-profit business that earns most of its revenue through earned income

  • It's invested in a social mission

  • The social mission is integrated in its business plan and model

  • It's transparent about its operations and impact

  • It gives away some of its profits to its social purpose

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