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Nancy Ploeger, President of the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce

“I want to see ParentJobNet go nationwide…In my book, the program should become a nationwide project for inner-city parents.” 


Welcome to ParentJobNet

Our new website will be up soon.  Please check back again!

We are a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization working in public schools and empowering NYC Public School parents with the programs and services they need for job readiness, job connection, and financial security. Through targeted classes, workshops, networking events, and career counseling, we serve the community and strengthen families.


Thank you to the Diana Davis Spencer Foundation and TD Bank for supporting us on our recent campaigns!

Thank you to the Diana Davis Spencer Foundation for a generous grant award!
Diana Davis Spencer Foundation Meeting March 2015

Thank you for your contribution to the Children's Dream Campaign!
Support our children's academic dreams. 

Watch the 2010 video  Read the 2012 Article "Then and Now -- Thankful and Giving Others Hope."  
Huffington Post Article - April 2014

Career Workshop for Women

New Job Postings

 It's FREE to post jobs on this site.  Simply email your NYC job postings to us at info@parentjobnet.org.

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Posted November 23, 2015
Senior Administrative Assistant
AJC: Jewish Global Advocacy

Posted November 23, 2015
Development Director
Operation Smile

Posted November 23, 2015
Client Manager
Neighborhood Trust Financial Partners

Posted November 23, 2015
Budget Analyst

Posted November 23, 2015
Program and Membership Associate

Posted November 19, 2015
Second Assistant to Executive Director
David Lynch Foundation

Posted November 19, 2015
Office Manager/Receptionist

Posted November 19, 2015
Fundraising Manager, USA
Thomson Rueters Foundation

Posted November 19, 2015
Development Manager
Bottom Line

Posted November 19, 2015
Communications Manager
Health-Related Nonprofit

Posted November 13, 2015
Office, Team Fox
Michael J. Fox for Parkinson's Research

Posted November 13, 2015
Family Manager
Brooklyn Community Housing and Services

Posted November 13, 2015
Facilitated Enroller
Public Health Solutions

Posted November 13, 2015
Director of Tutoring (Temp)
Columbia University

Posted November 13, 2015
Student Engagement Coordinator
Center for Supportive Schools

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