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Nancy Ploeger, President of the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce

“I want to see ParentJobNet go nationwide…In my book, the program should become a nationwide project for inner-city parents.” 


Welcome to ParentJobNet

We are a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization working in public schools and empowering NYC Public School parents with the programs and services they need for job readiness, job connection, and financial security. Through targeted classes, workshops, networking events, and career counseling, we serve the community and strengthen families.

Huffington Post Article - April 2014

PJN helped over 100 people get jobs through its job readiness, networking events, career counseling, resume prep, and job placement services.

PJN Career Counseling and Job Placement Service
In 2010, we placed 20 single mothers in jobs and yielded over $300,000 in income to their families.  One of the mothers we helped find a job was Colette, a single mother of an 11-year-old daughter from Harlem, NY.  Hear her story below. Watch the 2010 video and read the

2012 Article "Then and Now -- Thankful and Giving Others Hope."  

Career Workshop for Women

English as a Second Language Class

New Job Postings

It's FREE to post jobs on this site.  Simply email your NYC job postings to us at info@parentjobnet.org.

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Posted September 1, 2014
Human Resources Assistant
American Jewish Committee

Posted September 1, 2014
Moderator Unmet Needs Roundtable
Health and Welfare Council of Long Island 

Posted September 1, 2014
Video Production Temp
Institute of International Education

Posted September 1, 2014
Associate, Custom Services

Posted September 1, 2014
Residence Staff Worker
Fountain House Inc.

Posted September 1, 2014
Access to Health Care Specialist
Health and Welfare Council of Long Island

Posted September 1, 2014
Manager of Data Systems and Reporting
Young Women's Leadership Network

Posted August 23, 2014
Development Associate

Posted August 23, 2014
Financial Analyst, Biology
New York University

Posted August 23, 2014
Graduate Intern
Empire Clean Cities

Posted August 23, 2014
Fall 2014 Development and Creative Change Internship
LearningSpring School

Posted August 23, 2014
Development Intern
LearningSpring School

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